Thieves Throw Hot Coffee At Worker’s Face During Convenience Store Robbery

Police in Kentucky are on the lookout for two men who took things to the next level while robbing a convenience store. Surveillance footage shows one of the crooks tossing scalding-hot coffee into the cashier’s face just before the two make their move.

The incident took place at a 7-11 in Belfry. In the clip, the two men can be seen conversing with the clerk for several moments before the one on the left suddenly turns his coffee into a weapon.

It’s enough to cause the clerk to run away in fear as the robbers jump over the counter and steal an undisclosed sum of money from the register before sprinting off into the night. Authorities are asking that anybody with information about the suspects phone in an anonymous tip.

The case is currently being investigating by the Kentucky State Police and will likely result in an assault charge for the coffee chucker – if police are able to track him down, that is.