Watch Thieves Steal $70,000 Sacred Torah From New Jersey School

A pair of burglars got caught on surveillance footage as they pilfered a sacred Torah worth a whopping $70,000 from a New Jersey school, and now authorities have posted a reward for information leading to its return.

According to police, the break-in took place at the Cheder Toras Zev school on either Friday night or Saturday morning when two individuals entered the school through a locked door and made out with a safe containing the sacred Sefer Torah.

Authorities have yet to identify the culprits, who can be seen wearing masks and hoodies as they make their way through the school.

A local media outlet has teamed up with a Lakewood resident to offer $5,000 for the return, or information leading to the return, of the sacred scroll. It can either be returned to the school building or to Lakewood Police Headquarters in exchange for the no-questions-asked bounty.

Did these crooks never watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Stealing holy artifacts is a surefire way to get yourself in bigtime trouble.