Persistent Thieves Eventually Steal MacBooks After Embarrassing Fail

A group of bumbling thieves managed to steal four MacBooks from a tech store in Cedar Hill, Texas – but only after their first attempt to yank the expensive laptops off their security wires failed to a laughable degree.

Surveillance footage from inside the Simply Mac shows the suspect attempting to act inconspicuous for several moments before striking, desperately trying to rip the laptops off their security tethers.

The culprit gives up when he realizes that store employees have noticed his hijinks and runs out of the store. Shortly thereafter, though, two more accomplices enter the store looking to pick up their buddy’s slack.

They, too, briefly pose as customers and scope out the store. Then they suddenly ambush the MacBook display table, finally manage to break the security cable. A female store employee can be seen briefly giving chase but it’s too late.

Now, police are asking vigilant members of the public to help identify the three MacBook thieves.