Brazen Thief Walks Into Restaurant And Walks Out With Tip Jar

Well, that’s a great way to ruin late-night Chinese food for everyone else. Police in Queens are on the lookout for a man who stormed a Chinese restaurant last week and stole a full tip jar, threatening an employee with a baseball bat in the process.

The unfortunate incident took place on Thursday, when the thief entered Chopsticks Restaurant at around 9:15 pm and strode up the counter. As soon as he was in arm’s reach, he lashed out and grabbed the cash before turning tail and running out the door.

A 42-year-old restaurant employee alleges that the thief nearly came at him with a baseball bat when he attempted to intervene, but nobody was hurt in the altercation.

Now, police are on the lookout for the petty shoplifter, who has been described as an 18-year-old male who stands roughly 6-foot-2 and weighs 200 pounds.