Wimpy Thief Tries To Rob Jewelry Store But Is Too Weak To Break The Glass

One San Francisco man is on the run after a botched armed robbery attempt that saw him force his way into a jewelry store and smash display cases but not actually make off with any of the goods.

Surveillance footage from inside the jewelry store shows the thief bulldoze an employee to the ground before sprinting in, gun drawn, and ordering all the other employees to get on the floor. He then uses a hammer to begin smashing display cases loaded to the brim with expensive-looking items.

After he is apparently unable to break the glass on the display case, the wimpy robber carefully holsters his gun and then flees the scene on foot.

Authorities have described the culprit as a man in his early twenties who was last seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. Oh, and he was carrying a handgun in case that narrows it down a bit.