Brazen Thief Snatches Extra Large TV In Broad Daylight

Police in the Bronx are on the lookout for a man who stole a widescreen television in the middle of the day, singlehandedly hoisting the massive TV into a shopping cart before disappearing into the city.

The incident took place at a residential building at the corner of Bristow Street and Boston Road in the early afternoon, when a man broke into a locked room and snatched a television and a laptop. He quickly fled the scene before anyone noticed.

Surveillance footage shows the thief awkwardly struggling to seat the TV inside the small crate for several moments. A freeze frame captures the man’s facial features as he inspects the back of the TV to make sure it is steady.

According to the NYPD, the suspect was last seen wearing a black hoodie and dark-colored jeans. They have no other leads as to his identity.