They are white faced whistling ducks

Posted by Nurg-l-Vatan-921 on Aug. 15, 2013

There are many kind of duck breeds in the World. They are White faced color and they always whistle -) We love all animals and we always continue to share their videos to you. This species has a long grey bill, long head and longish legs. It has a white face and crown, and black rear head. The back and wings are dark brown to black, and the underparts are black, although the flanks have fine white barring. The neck is chestnut. All plumages are similar, except that juveniles have a much less contrasted head pattern. The White-faced Whistling Duck has a peculiar disjunct distribution, occurring in Africa and South America. It has been suggested that they may have been transported to new locations by humans. The habitat is still freshwater lakes or reservoirs, with plentiful vegetation, where this duck feeds on seeds and other plant food. Other info about them- breeding ducks, ducks species, ducks of america, species of ducks, ducks in africa, khaki ducks, about ducks, ducks breeds, animal ducks, ducks noise, breed ducks, ducks the animal, white faced ducks, white faced tree ducks, white duck breeds, white duck species, white faced duck, khaki campbell ducklings, call duck breeders, ducks diet, khaki campbell duckling, ducks khaki campbell, ducks of south africa, khaki campbells ducks, khaki cambell ducks, diet of a duck, diet of ducks, black White duck.

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