The Most Terrifying Video Youll Ever See

Posted by wonderingmind42 on Jun. 21, 2007

DONT WATCH THIS VIDEO. Im serious. This message isnt a hack (Im the guy in the video), and its not a ploy to get you to actually watch it (reverse psychology). Its just that theres a hole in this argument big enough to drive a Hummer through because of an assumption I didnt realize I had (isnt that just the way with assumptions. . .), and the argument has been UPDATED to address that hole. So instead of watching this old, tired, hole-y video, go watch the NEW, IMPROVED version at Its called "How It All Ends," and is backed up by literally HOURS of "Expansion Pack" videos, answering every single criticism, objection, "What If," "How About," and "You Missed a Spot," that I came across in reading the 6000 comments (most of them critical) on various websites about the argument presented in this "The Most Terrifying Video Youll Ever See." So please, DONT WATCH THIS VIDEO and then make some comment about Pascals Wager or how this argument can

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