The Most Famous Astronauts in the World

This is a transcript of “The Most Famous Astronauts in the World” on Newsfeed…There is a lesser-known category of fame; famous people who actually help society! Today we will cover Astronauts! Here are 3 famous Astronauts. One: Neil Armstrong. In 1969 Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon. Or according to conspiracy theorists, the 1st person to pretend he was setting foot on the moon. Two: John Glenn. Glenn was one of the original seven people chosen for space exploration. Glenn in 1962 became the first person to orbit the earth. Three: Kathryn Thornton. Thornton was a shining light in the sausage-fest that is space exploration as she fixed the Hubble Telescope, orbited the earth 79 times and even more impressively shut down the advances of 179 male astronauts in her career. There you go!