The Magic Elixir That Cures All Family Ills

Posted by dadlabs on Jun. 08, 2009

DadLabs Ep. 269 The Lab - Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad reveal what can cure all family ills. Well maybe that is overstating it a bit, but if you found something that helped your kids perform better in school, avoid sex, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, reduced the likelihood of an eating disorder and helped the development of vocabulary, would you do it? Then make sure you eat with your family. This video is brought to you by BabyBjorn.The benefits of the family dinner are incredibly well studied and proven especially with kids approaching their teenage years. And it doesn\t matter if you are having a five course dinner or take-out, or whether the TV is on or off. Having 5-7 meals a week as a family has major benefits.The enemies of the family dinner are over scheduling your kids with activities and your work commute. Be careful of these dangers.Lastly, tell us about your family dinners and tips to making sure you have them on a regular basis. Bon apetite.Posted by Registered CommenterDadLabs in Distributed

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