The Life We Have - Drumfish

Posted by Tigermothwayne on Jul. 23, 2013

A father remembers combat and is grateful for The Life We Have. DRUMFISH is the headliner band for MILFORD ALIVE - http-// - our day long music fest and Bed Race coming this September 21st in Milford NJ. As I was going through iPhoto files grabbing images for the event, I came across several short iPhone clips my son had taken while flying with me out of Van Sant Airport - http-// - in a 1939 British Tigermoth a couple years ago. I started putting the clips together and wanted a song to play with it. I looked everywhere for a biplane song with nothing really hitting. Drumfish had given me access to their new CD release fivelive and when I heard their original song The Life We Have I knew this was it. The idea of juxtaposing my Vietnam footage with my son's recent clips made sense and what a way to acknowledge how thankful I am to be here today and how fate has given me the life we have.

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