The Good, Bad, & Ugly side of the Apple iPhone App Store

Posted by tekietv on Nov. 11, 2008

Apple's new iPhone App store is the most exciting aspect of the phone's updated operating system, which comes installed on the the new 3G models and is a free upgrade for original iPhone owners. Over 500 applications created by third party developers are already available at the App store, many of them free and most of them with a price tag of less than 10 dollars. Apple has been very selective about which apps they'll allow in the store, but have they been selective enough? We'll run down which apps that are worth owning and which apps are a bust. First of all, Apple's own “remote” app is a must have. It turns your iPhone into a remote that can control your iTunes library and your Apple TV, displaying info about whatever song or movie you are playing on the phone's screen. File Magnet is a nifty app that lets you wirelessly upload PDFs, Office docs, videos, pictures, and audio files to view or listen to. Guitar toolkit is awesome for musicians out there, because it features a functional ...

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