The Crazy Boyfriend Song

written and performed by kevin hamilton lyrics - girl you are, the love of my life im so glad, so glad i found you without you, i dont think i could breathe there you were, in the moonlight next to me, i had to tell you we would be, together for eternity but if you ever cheat on me i'll kill you i'll find the guy you did it with and kill him too i'll chop off both his balls and shove them in his mouth because i love you you told me, youd never leave me you told me, i was the only one for you, yea you know its true there you were, talkin on your cell you said it, was just a friend and i know you, would never lie to me but if you ever did id fuckin lay you out id shove your phone up your ass and make you poop it out and then id make you eat that shit lets see you lie now bitch with your mouth full of shit, and phone because i love you