THE BOOBY TRAPPER - A New Horror Film Shocks festivals

The Booby Trapper is a 2010 Micro-budgeted Horror/Slasher film that was written, produced, and directed by Richard A. Stephenson. In the film, a young couple Grace (Lisa Johnston) and Rodney (Chad Waites) take a vacation to the everglades where they plan to have a relaxing weekend, but what they dont know, is the evil, which lays ahead. Rogue sheriff Mike Hawk (Robert Collins) has been investigating several cases regarding missing people in the area, seeking out the reason for these disappearances. The closer that Mike Hawk gets to finding clues to the missing people the closer he gets to un-covering his own mysterious past. While enjoying their trip Grace and Rodney have no idea that they are being watched by a mysterious old perverted and drunk creepy man (Mike Christopher from Dawn of the Dead who later warns them of the danger thats coming their way. The Booby Trapper is a film about a psycho path inspired by such great slasher icons as (Michael Myers and Jason). The film has a lot of controversial cont