That’s A Penis! Newsroom Erupts In Laughter At Gunman’s Drawing

You could cut the tension with a knife during a police standoff in Oakland, where an armed man firing several shots prompted a lockdown at a nearby hospital. At one point during the ordeal, a local news station followed his every move via helicopter cam – only to result in an unexpectedly hilarious moment that had the anchors cracking up.

In the footage, the very serious anchor can be heard describing the bizarre situation. The gunman had just threatened the police helicopter by point its gun toward it before producing a can of spray paint and drawing a voluptuous pair of breasts on a garage door.

The man – who has been identified as 32-year-old Jesse Enjaian – then walks into the street and toward a car

“What he’s shaking in his hand is apparently spray paint that he was spraying graffiti with, yeah, on this car right here,” the newscaster explains. “You can see him spraying some kind of, um… I don’t know if it’s a picture or a message on the car…”

That’s when the newsroom can be heard erupting into laughter in the background as the gunman’s magnum opus becomes clear: a large dong, complete with testicles.

Unfortunately, the story did not end in such a lighthearted fashion. Enjaian was shot by responding officers after he began firing toward a patrol car and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. At least the guy went out with a bang.