Teen Jumps Into Crocodile Infested Waters To Impress Girl And Pays The Price

Ahh, the things we do as teenagers to impress our crushes: write embarrassing poetry, learn her favorite song on the guitar, wrestle a crocodile in the river… wait, what? An Australian teenager is lucky to be alive after his daring stunt to impress “a beautiful backpacker” ended up landing him in the hospital.

Lee De Paauw, 18, found himself near the Johnstone River at Innisfail in Queensland, chatting with a group of backpackers that included the lovely Sophie Paterson. Desperate for Paterson’s attention, a slightly inebriated De Paauw concocted an ill-advised scheme.

He joked to the backpackers that only backpackers are actually in danger of getting attacked by crocodiles, as Australians are naturally allied with the toothy creatures. To prove his point, he jumped into the water, only to get promptly bitten by the crocodile and pulled under the surface.

De Paauw impressively managed to free itself by punching the croc in the eye to get it to release its deadly grip. He then swam back to the shore, his pumping adrenaline momentarily preventing him from feeling any pain. When he did, De Paauw described the sensation as “pure agony,” with Paterson chiming in: “I’ve never heard a guy scream like that.”

The teen was released from the hospital after being treated for two broken bones and deep puncture wounds and will soon go under the knife for another procedure. However, it was all worth it – Paterson agreed to go to the movies with the brave crocodile wrestler.