Ted Williams – Man With the Golden Voice

After the internet saw a man with a radio voice as magnificent as this, they agreed that he should be doing a pledge drive instead of panhandling. Ted Williams actually honed his radio voice in college and served as a DJ for some years. Then, he succumbed to drug and alcohol problems that led him down the tired, well-worn path of addiction and homelessness. After this video went viral, Mr. Williams was offered a home and a radio announcer job with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He even got a chance to see his daughter and mother again in a tearful reunion. The feelings of goodwill weren’t long-lasting, however, as Mr. Williams was soon arrested by LAPD after getting into a verbal altercation with his daughter. His daughter accuses Mr. Williams of continuing to drink excessive amounts of alcohol per day. Pop psychologist Dr. Phil had Ted Williams on his show recently to discuss his problem, and the Man With the Golden Voice will soon be headed to rehab. Here’s hoping he can turn his life around.