Team Severe from Funnel of Darkness with The Zaz

Posted by NationalLampoon on Aug. 13, 2009 and present the new web series Funnel of Darkness! National Lampoons rogue reporter Matt Zaller had a chance to catch up with the storm chasing cast called Team Severe in their customized storm chasing vehicle called Bad Brains. Team Severe was nice enough to hang and give us a tour. Bad Brains can really haul, and maneuvering the beast in New York City traffic proved to be quite the joy ride. Make sure to go to and to check out the entire series! See more funny videos at http://nationallampoon.comAbout Funnel of Darkness:Navigating the precarious boundaries where sanity ends and weatherbegins; FUNNEL OF DARKNESS follows one adventure filmmaker and his team,chasing the American Dream…down Tornado Alley.

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