I’m Josh Macuga with Newsfeed.

Do you smell that? Yeah that’s the smell of bad liposuction, terrible plastic surgery and desperation. Why am I smelling desperation you ask? Well, Tara Reid, best known for her roles in American Pie, the other American Pie and that girl you can buy cocaine from in an alley off Hollywood Blvd. will be on this season of The UK’s Celebrity Big Brother. What she couldn’t get on The Jersey Shore… jeez those guidettes are real catty. Now… Since I don’t have the Big Brother package on my DirecTV I had to read about this story in a British Tabloid blog, which is the lowest form of media. Hopefully Tara Reid will benefit from Celebrity Big Brother in England and resume her acting career in the United States, because I miss her and her Shakespearean ability to… no no… sorry I couldn’t keep saying that in an earnest way. The only thing I hope she does is take off her shirt so Tosh.0 can get more impromptu live puking videos.

I’m Josh Macuga and you’ve been fed.