Taking Shirt Off Bra

Posted by nasikAyam on Aug. 12, 2007

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This chick shows us a video on how to remove bra without Taking Shirt Off. This is a really crucial skill for anyone who wants to take a chicks bra off in public. Its also a challenge for anyone who is ready to advance from unhooking a bra with one hand. Before embarking on this, make sure you are ready for it. This stealthy move requires a slow and steady hand. I would advise practicing on a blow up doll first. The blow up doll will never laugh at you if you make mistakes. If you master this technique, then you will have the capability to unleash major boobage unto the world. You will set them free to bounce and look sexy as nature intended. Pay close attention to the video so that you too can be a master of taking bra off without Taking Shirt Off.A girl manages to take her bra off without Taking Shirt Off. While her talent is something to be admired, I don't understand why she isn't taking all her clothes off right along with the bra. Maybe this is her try out video to be a stripper. I don't think anyone told her that if you're going to be a stripper, more than just the bra needs to come off.

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