Here’s The Surveillance Video From Pacman Jones’ Latest Arrest

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones has been relieved of a felony charge in relation to a drunken January night that resulted in an intense encounter with police, but the NFL player could still get convicted of several misdemeanor charges for menacing a group of police officers and then allegedly spitting on a nurse.

The incidents in question were caught on surveillance footage that shows Jones surrounded by a gaggle of law enforcement officers. He had been arrested for fighting with a security guard at the Millennium Hotel Downtown and was filmed on dashcam verbally berating his arresting officer on the way to the station.

Once there, Jones could be seen lunging at a police officer before the cops managed to get him under control once again. Later in the video, he could almost be seen spitting on a nurse, albeit blocked by an officer who moved in front of him. He was quickly fitted with a mask over his mouth.

According to Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, Jones did not need to be slapped with a felony charge for spitting on the nurse because he was simply a “drunken idiot” at the time. Deters added: “People make mistakes all the time.”

Now, Jones faces misdemeanor counts of assault, disorderly conduct, and obstructing official business, and has been forced to partake in anger management and alcohol abuse programs.