Hi, it's Eric Schwartz for Newsfeed with your Super Bowl pre-show entertainment wrap up. Yes, somehow selected me to talk about sports. A guy who shows up to a Superbowl party like, “Hey guys! Check out my new Clay Aikman jersey.” There was plenty of song and dance at the big game, beginning with husband and wife duo Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert singing “America The Beautiful.” I liked their take. [new joke - rednecks] Former American Idol Kelly Clarkson KILLED the National Anthem! This was a proud representation of America as the beacon of freedom, and was immediately followed by a commercial for Sascha Baron Cohen’s new movie “The Dictator,” where he plays an evil leader who shoots Olympic competitors in the knees. (Sung) America, America Won’t shoot you in the knees. Are you ready for some football? I’m Eric Schwartz and you’ve just been fed. Forcefully.