Sunburn Remedies

Sunburn Remedies on Newsfeed – Nothing says I’m an idiot worse than a terrible sunburn. You went to the beach or the pool and thought I can sit out here all day without SPF 30 and not get sunburned, then you end up looking like a naked mole rat and when people touch your skin your eyes well up with tears. Well smooth move a-hole now you’re on your way to cancer and have about a week before you look like a snake shedding its skin in a Brendon Fraser movie. There’s no real sure fire cure for sunburn other than plenty of aloe lotion, air conditioning or a high powered ceiling fan, cold compress for your forehead and plenty of ice cold water to stay hydrated. You could also avoid ridicule from your friends and snickering behind your back by checking out Made Man and the how to cure sunburn episode on For The Win.