Summer Cocktail Recipes

Posted by Staff on Jun. 22, 2011

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Summer Cocktail Recipes on Newsfeed - It’s Saturday afternoon and you’ve invited some of the neighbors over for a friendly barbecue. You want to be the talk of Wisteria Lane so you decide to separate yourself from the pack by making some tasty cocktails. Now you could just make some flavored mojitos (so last year) or Cosmos (so Kerri Bradshaw) but why not kick it up a notch and really earn your place in that suburban hierarchy? This summer it’s all about gins and bourbons. A Cummerbund is made with Gin, muddled cucumber, fresh ginger, some simple syrup and fresh lime juice shaken and strained over ice. That’s a drink that will turn heads and possibly lead to an affair with your hot slutty, recently divorced neighbor. If you like Bourbon there’s nothing like an Old Fashion. It’s classic, it’s classy and it’s delicious. And like this fake Winston Churchill quote there’s nothing like getting drunk in the daytime.Nothing like have a nice refreshing cocktail during the middle of a summer day. The Cummerbund is one of my all time favorite drinks and pretty simple to make.

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