Suicidal Wife Tries To Jump From Building But Heroic Husband Grabs Her Ponytail

This suicidal woman’s fashion statement ended up saving her life. Unsettling footage shows the moment when a woman who was trying to jump off a 7-story building was saved by her husband, who frantically grabbed onto her ponytail and held her up.

The incident, which took place in northwest China’s Shaanxi province, shows a distraught woman desperately trying to jump to her death as several men scramble to rescue her. According to local reports, she and her husband had gotten into a domestic dispute prior to the suicide attempt.

As she begs her husband to “let go” and release his iron grip on her ponytail, a policeman can be seen climbing over the ledge to get a better hold on the woman while another man secures him by grabbing his belt.

In all, the rescue attempt took just over three minutes, after which authorities helped to assuage the woman’s extreme distress and to make sure that she would not jump again.