Badass Subway Employee Doesn’t Flinch As Masked Man Points Gun At Him

You know your soul has been destroyed by your minimum wage job when a masked man bursts into your workplace and points a gun in your face and you don’t even flinch. That’s exactly what happened to this ultra-chill Subway employee and his reaction is priceless.

The incident in question took place around midnight on Sunday, when a pair of robbers entered the Buena Park sandwich shop with their faces covered. Surveillance footage shows one of the crooks pulling out a handgun and pointing it square between the eyes of the sole employee.

Instead of panicking, though, the sandwich artist simply sighs and leads the robbers to where the money is kept. They can later be seen waltzing out of the restaurant with a nice wad of stolen cash, amount undisclosed.

Police are trying to determine whether the pair of bandits is connected to a string of similar robberies that have occurred in the surrounding area.