Stupid Robber Forgets To Put On His Mask Until Halfway Through The Robbery

All-black outfit to blend into the darkness? Check. Gun? Check. Mask? Che—oh, crap. A Washington D.C. robber made a beginner’s mistake during an armed robbery of a convenience store, one that could very well cost him his freedom.

Surveillance footage shows the dopey robber executing the first part of the stickup pretty well. He barrels into the store, produces his gun, and orders the clerk to hand over the money. It only took him several long moments to realize that he wasn’t wearing his mask – and that a surveillance camera was pointed right at his face.

The crook puts the mask on, but it’s too late: his face can be seen clear as day. He eventually grabs a fistful of cash and sprints out of the store.

Now, the Metropolitan Police Department is prepared to offer up to $10,000 to anyone who can identify the 7-Eleven robber and turn him in. That’s a pretty big wad of cash for getting an incompetent crook off the streets.