Shocking Moments Students Get Hit By Vehicle After Getting Off School Bus

Authorities in the Texas capital have released two unsettling videos in an effort to encourage local parents, students, and drivers to pay more attention on roadways. The clips, which can be seen above, show two incidents where Austin schoolchildren were hit by oncoming cars who failed to slow down in time.

In the first clip, a student attempts to cross the street after exiting his school bus. As he jogs across the street – with the school bus having deployed its stop sign – an oblivious driver of a white truck plows into him, sending him flying.

The second clip shows a student jog across a cross walk with the right-of-way. Just moments before he reaches the safety of the sidewalk, a black truck makes a right turn on a red light and barrels into the student. Fortunately, he can be seen standing up seconds after the collision.

Both students escaped their near-death experiences with only minor injuries, but Austin authorities have warned that others may not be so lucky. Police have stepped up their efforts to punish negligent drivers, handing out roughly 900 tickets since school began to drivers who passed school buses.

Most jurisdictions across the United States require drivers on both sides of traffic to stop when a school bus is loading or unloading. Those who fail to do so incur heavy penalties and a possible license suspension.