Student Hits $38,000 Halfcourt Shot … Only To Lose The Money On Technicality

A University of Louisville student made the crowd go wild when he won a women’s basketball halftime contest by sinking a halfcourt shot. Thanks to a technicality, though, officials have refused to give him the $38,000 that was promised to the winner of the contest.

Jackson Logsdon can be seen making a layup, free throw, and three-pointer before trotting out for a halfcourt shot. Sure enough, he nails it, sending dozens of onlookers into an uproar.

Logsdon, an out-of-state student, was already planning to put the windfall toward his education when he received word that he would not receive it at all. The small print of the contest stipulated that participants could not have played high school basketball within six years of entering.

“It would have went a long way to paying off student loans,” Logsdon said.

The company behind the contest, Million Dollar Media, has attempted to arrange for Logsdon to get at least something for winning the contest. The university is planning on covering the cost of his books and meal plan in the upcoming semester.