Footage Of Stranded Hiker In California Getting Rescued By Helicopter

A wounded man who found himself trapped at a difficult-to-reach spot at the Table Mountain Ecological Reserve near Oroville, California kicked off an interesting rescue effort that required multiple agencies to get involved.

Since the hiker was located within a cave that helicopter rescuers couldn’t reach, crews from an Enloe medical helicopter and a Butte County Sheriff’s chopper were dispatched to bring him out into the open air.

Then, a California Highway Patrol helicopter arrived onto the scene to lower a rescue harness. Footage from that chopper shows the cable being lowered from hundreds of feet in the air down into the gorge.

Moments later, the victim can be seen clinging to the cable as it slowly but surely pulls him to safety. He gives his rescuer a smile and nod as if to say “thanks, bud” before getting unclipped and transported to Oroville Hospital, where he was treated for a broken lower leg.

By the end of the ordeal, the man appears to be in good spirits.

“How ya’ doing?” one of the rescuers asks.

“Much better now!” the man replies with a laugh.