Stop Resisting! Alligator Gets Handcuffed After Failing To Comply With Orders

An alligator in Louisiana found itself on the wrong side of the law on Saturday when it made its way into an unsuspecting family’s garage – and ended up getting handcuffed by animal control officers for trespassing.

The bizarre incident took place in Slidell, where a concerned homeowner was forced to phone the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries after discovering a scaly intruder lurking in a corner of their garage.

Intense video shows a brave officer approaching the gator with a catch pole. When he gets close, the creature makes everyone’s heart skip a beat with a jump-scare lurch. The officer manages to secure the noose on the alligator’s upper jaw and pull it out onto the front lawn.

Once there, the gator tries to wriggle out of the agent’s grasp with a few tactical death rolls, but he’s not match for the intrepid officers. They eventually manage to subdue it, tape its toothy maw shut, and even place it in handcuffs before hauling it back off to the swamp where it belongs.