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Posted by Derek-Miles-572 on Aug. 18, 2013

Stop Craigslist Flagging 2013 Go Bananas Want to stop Craigslist flagging and ghosting? Every marketer knows that Craigslist is a great place to market for free. There are tons of people on Craigslist looking for a better opportunity or just something better than the old 9-5. Craigslist really is a great place to market and connect with people. Lately Craigslist has been cracking down on the spam and people marketing like crazy on there. I know from past experience it can be a bit of a pain to market on if you do not have the right know how or formula to work around the content flagging and ghosting. In order to stop Craigslist flagging from happening. You need to have a formula in place that works like clockwork in your sleep. Testimonials show some of our fellow team members in a case study on the product before launch. I have been looking for a strategy to continue my quest on build a business with CL for a while when I came across Keder, The creator of the product. I was amazed at the strategies that were used to bring in upwards of 300 leads daily. Do Craigslist marketing right, get your ads to stick and stop Craigslist flagging! (Work With Derek) - (My Traffic Source) - (Add me on Facebook) - (Call Me) - 361-633-7237 ============================================== The creator of this video may receive compensation for the time, creation and efforts put into making this video. =============================================== Other Search Terms ----------------------------- Stop Craigslist flagging, Stop Craigslist flagging How to stop Craigslist flagging, Stop Craigslist flagging and ghosting, Stop Craigslist ghosting, Stop Craigslist ad flagging, Stop Craigslist ad ghosting, Help stop Craigslist flagging, Craigslist flagging, Craigslist ghosting,

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