Should Steve Harvey Be Punished For “Racist” Comedy Sketch Shaming Asian Men?

Will Steve Harvey ever learn? The television host – who seems to perpetually have his foot in his mouth for saying something perceived as offensive – recently went on a tirade against Asian men, insisting that no women of other races would ever want to date them.

During a recent episode of the “Steve Harvey Show,” Harvey put a picture of a book called “How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men” up on a big screen as part of an ill-advised comedy sketch.

Harvey quipped that the book would only need to be one-page long: “’Excuse me, do you like Asian men?’ No! ‘Thank you,’” he joked, simulating a conversation between a potential Asian suitor and a disinterested white woman.

While laughing hysterically at his own joke, Harvey then brought black women into the mix: “I don’t even like Chinese food. It ain’t stay with you no time,” he said, doing what appeared to be a stereotypical impersonation. “I don’t eat what I cant pronounce.”

Harvey is currently facing a lawsuit by former employee Joseph Cooper over a slew of racist rants that Harvey made over the years. The comedian was allegedly caught on tape stating that he does not “give a s*** about America,” as well as encouraging his fans to attack white people.

In his own defense, Harvey claim that Cooper was merely trying to extort him by collecting potentially embarrassing tapes of Harvey for blackmail purposes.