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Posted by GundersonDenton on Jun. 18, 2013

Hi. I'm Sterling Peterson. I'm a partner at the law firm of Gunderson, Denton & Peterson here in Mesa. I've been here for close to seven years and prior to joining this firm, I practiced at a large law firm in Downtown Phoenix for about six or seven years before I came here. I am a litigator. I help people that are either being sued or need to sue somebody else, or people that have issues with real estate disputes, contract disputes, business mergers, business disputes, sometimes mom-and-pop businesses don't get along, maybe there's an employer-employee dispute. I can help people with those disputes that they're having and help them resolve their situations that they may have. We recently had a former client of ours call us and let us know that he had just recently been served with a lawsuit. He's a local contractor, subcontractor in the building industry. He was being sued in addition to a general contractor and numerous other subcontractors, and he was concerned about what he was gonna be faced with in terms of liability, what it was gonna cost him, what it was gonna do to his business. Well, after sitting down with him, discussing with him what his options were, and implementing a defense strategy, we were able to kind of calm his nerves a little bit and we were able to get everybody to come to the table and go through what we call the mediation process. And at the end of the day, after implementing the strategy that we had discussed with him and what we thought would be best, the settlement for all of the parties together was well into the six figures and our client ended up paying less than 1% of the total settlement, which is much less than he thought he was gonna end up having to pay to begin with. And it was certainly much less than he would have ever paid with the risks involved in actually taking this lawsuit to a trial. We had a client that recently approached us and he's been a client of our firm for quite some time. He had been trying on his own in vain for many years to get a large national company to come to the table to figure out some contractual rates that would be beneficial to both parties, particularly would have a significant impact on our client's bottom line. And he had tried for many years in vain to do so and just wasn't getting anywhere. He felt like he was spinning his wheels. When he came to us, we sat down with him and said "Look, what are your needs? What are you trying to accomplish? What have you been doing?" We were

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