Stephen Colbert Wins Approval from FEC

Stephen Colbert on NewsFeed – If an Oil Tycoon (Ross Perot), a porn star (Mary Carey) and Donald Trump can run for President, why can’t Steven Colbert? Yes the star of the Colbert Report won approval from the Federal Election Commission to form what he calls a “SuperPAC” so he can raise and spend as much money as he wants on the 2012 Presidential Election. Why? Just so he can completely mock the Supreme Court’s “Citizen’s United” decision that lifted restraints on political spending by corporations & other rich people we all hate. Colbert has taken on the character of a Right Wing Conservative jackass – we’re looking at you Bill O’Reilly and has even come up with a mantra for his campaign “Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow.” And then he’s going to Oklahoma, then Michigan, then Pennsylvania, then all the way to the White House, Hooorrahhh!! You get the point.