Stay True to Yourself with Lil JaXe

Growing up wasn’t an easy road for 14-year-old Jake Zeldin, who has a stutter that’s so severe, it’s sometimes difficult for him to complete a word, let alone a sentence. He was taunted at school. Even teachers would make fun of him. Did he let any of that get in his way? Of course not. After one life-changing summer at a sleepaway camp, Jake discovered a side of him he never thought would exist. A side that allowed him to speak with such fluidity that people couldn’t believe their ears. Jake could rap. He could freestyle. He could write lyrics and spit out words that spoke not only to his own emotions, but to the emotions of what would be hundreds of thousands of fans.”When I rap, I’m like a different person,” he said. “My stutter is gone. It’s a way to express myself.”Jake, or Lil JaXe, knows exactly what it means to stay true to himself. He knows that there’s no reason why you have to change anything about yourself in order to be successful, confident, and all-around awesome.