Star Wars Day

This is a transcript of Star Wars Day on Newsfeed…Hold on to your storm trooper helmets everybody – Today is May 4th, but more importantly, it’s “Star Wars Day.” May 4th was chosen in honor of Luke Skywalker’s famous phrase, “May the force be with you.” You guys see what they did there? Boy, I am glad they chose that phrase instead of that other famous Star Wars phrase… “Nerds!” Star Wars, created by George Lucas, also has the most highest selling toy line in history, selling over 250 million action figures worldwide. Interestingly enough, I heard 100% of those toys, were purchased by creepy middle-aged men. This film series is the 3rd highest grossing franchise in movie history – at $4.4 billion, behind only Harry Potter and James Bond… Good news though, Tyler Perry? He is dedicated to changing that!