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Posted by Johny-Max-561 on Jun. 21, 2013

Hello, My name is Maria and I own a 2004 Cadillac Escalade. I had problems with my cluster gauges acting up, My speedometer gauge will always be off, showing that I am going 120mph when I am really driving around 35 mph. So, when I am on the highway it is hard to know how fast I am driving. I received 2 speeding tickets. I then went to the Chevy dealership and they told me that the new instrument cluster would cost $649, plus I would need to pay additional $120 to have the cluster programmed. I did further research on the internet and found a company called MyAirbags.com. They rebuild speedometer clusters, they only charge $75 for a full cluster repair. I was a bit skeptical, but still send it to them. There customer service was very helpful in helping me to remove the cluster and provide instructions on how to send the cluster to them. It took a few days for them to receive my cluster. They sent the cluster back to me the same day they received it and then in a few days I had it back. Here is the best part, MyAirbags gave me a receipt that I was able to take to court for my speeding ticket, showing them that my speedometer cluster was faulty and I did not know how fast I was going. The judge dismissed the ticket. I saved a ton of money and no points on my license. I recommend MyAirbags, and Thank you for saving me money.

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