speed drawing, two hands at the same time !

definitely one of my most difficult project... at first i had the idea of just drawing with my left hand, i figured that would be challenging enough.. but then a friends jokingly suggested that I should use both hands at the same time..... a sane person would laugh it off, a sane person... ---------------------------------------- ---------- the approach Since it is next to impossible to focus on two things simultenously, it is however, possible to always keep both hands moving... I make sure one hand knows how and where to move for the next few strokes while I focus on the other hand, hence the constant attention switching. Sometimes when one of my hand is about to draw something difficult like a specific curve, i would move my other hand to draw something simple like filling an area with shade that needs repetitive strokes. This way I manage to keep both hands moving while alternating focusing on each hand in rapid succession. (for example when i was drawing Morgan freeman's mouth with my left, i move my