Spectacular Meteor Caught On Dashcam In Texas

Residents of North Texas and surrounding areas were treated to a dazzling sight when a meteor briefly streaked across the sky, resembling some sort of fireball as it plummeted downwards before quickly disappearing.

Video released by the Weatherford Police Department shows a dashcam perspective of the stunning incident, which could be witnessed around 9:00 pm for only a short moment.

According to Officer Tiffany Vanzant, she was traveling westbound on Highway 180 when she – and her dashcam – noticed the marvelous sight. People in Colorado, Oklahoma, and West Texas called in to report the celestial body.

Believe it or not, some viewers even claimed that they heard a thundering boom sound as the meteor approached Earth, one powerful enough to shake their houses and simulate a small earthquake. No reports have indicated that the meteor actually touched down anywhere nearby, but the prospect was certainly enough to have some earthlings quivering.