SpaceX Is Back! Falcon 9 Rocket Launch A Major Success

SpaceX triumphantly launched its Falcon 9 rocket into space this weekend, marking the first successful flight for the private space exploration company since its Falcon 8 rocket exploded at Cape Canaveral in September.

SpaceX, which is headed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, also accomplished the impressive feat of a rocket landing, which saw its massively expensive rocket booster land safely on a seafaring platform instead of being irretrievably discarded. In doing so, the company has made a massive step forward in making space travel more affordable.

The latest Falcon 9 rocket was launched from Vandenburg Air Force base in California at 9:54 am PT and carried a payload of 10 satellites to be deployed for voice and data company Iridium, which were all set into orbit within an hour after the launch.

These satellites will form the infrastructure for Iridium’s NEXT communications network, which has been billed as “one of the largest tech upgrades in history” by the company for purportedly allowing business and individuals to communicate in real-time from anywhere on the globe.