Son Comes To The Rescue When Criminals On The Run Try To Carjack His Dad

A Houston man is probably the favorite son after he courageously beat down a pair of bank robbers who attempted to carjack his dad right in front of him.

Jose Mora and his disabled father were driving around when they noticed a high-speed chase in progress, one that saw the culprits fleeing from police at upwards of 100 mph. Dad pulled over the car and began filming the debacle as it unfolded, while Mora jumped out of the vehicle to record from a different angle.

Things took a bizarre turn, though, when the robbers suddenly pulled up next to Mora and his father while smoke pouring from their dilapidated getaway car. The disabled dad finds himself trying to fend off one of the crooks as he tries to pull open the car door and get inside.

Enter Mora, who bull-rushes the robber from the side and tackles him, holding him in place as a police officer flanks him with a taser in hand.

“I didn’t hesitate from trying to stop it, protect my family,” Mora said.