Softly I will leave you Elvis Presley! My version

This is a beautiful love song. "Softly, i will leave you" You will understand the song better, if you read the message that the man, who wrote the words to his wife, while she lay sleeping next to him, before he died, he scribbled the words of this song to her, before he died. It puts a better meaning to the song if you have never heard it before. Needless to say , it took a few attempts for me to be able to sing it, so strong and powerful are the words that he wrote, to say his final good bye to his wife, without waking her. I have put a link on to Elvis Presley telling you the story. Have a packet of tissues ready, if you listen to Elvis telling you the story behind it, he does not sing it, but he tells you about it, you can hear the emotion in his voice, when he tells the story I hope that you enjoy my version, kindest regards to all from Paladon the singing gardener. Yes that is my garden in the picture with me.