Social Justice Teacher Gets Roughed Up For Snapping Photo

I’m not sure what’s more surprising in this story: the fact that a man was attacked after taking a photo of a stranger, or the fact that there are people with PhDs whose job it is to teach “social justice” to impressionable youngsters.

Dr. Ray Tsu, a University of British Columbia professor who specializes in the aforementioned discipline, was getting off the bus at his normal stop when he felt a problematic shove from behind. Tsu fired back by whipping out his phone and taking a picture of his oppressor.

“The person sees me snapping the photo and knocks the phone out of my hand, and then that’s when he starts punching me,” Tsu recalled.

The one-sided fist fight was caught by an onlooker armed with a cell phone camera, but nobody thought to intervene to help Tsu out.

“I was calling for help when this was happening, when I was being punched, and there were people around but nobody really did anything,” he said. Sounds like a very unjust situation.

Now, police have published both the attacker’s picture and the footage in the hope that the culprit turns himself in for his macroaggressions.