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Posted by Cardman999 on Jul. 10, 2013

Note- Watch out for the language.I was fishing for Largemouth Bass using a Bluegill on a size 2/0 hook at Tookany Creek, when suddenly a Northern Water Snake popped out from under a rock and whacked my Bluegill.I was curious to see what the Snake would do, and it eventually took the obvious course- it tried to eat the Bluegill. It was pretty neat watching it eating the fish live, but not too neat after I realized that it would eventually eat my hook as well. Haha. Since my hook was on it, I pretty much fished the Northern Water Snake. After I turned the camera off, the Snake was already hooked. Therefore, I had to bring the Snake up and use my pliers to unhook it. Since this Species is non-venomous, the worst situation was a Snake bite...Well...I was glad that I was able to control the Snake and unhook it. It went away lively. Anyways...if you have no experience with Snakes, DO NOT TRY to unhook one! Northern Water Snakes have no venom; however, they will bite when they are scared, and their bites hurt awfully a lot (not to mention that you will bleed a lot). was a good experience! -

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