Smokin Hot Jackie Guerrido

Posted by DiegoPalermo20 on Feb. 18, 2007

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The forecast is sunny in this hot Jackie Guerrido video. She's a Puerto Rican pistol with a knack for leaving us happy even when the forecast is rain. I usually hate weather people, believing them all to be quasi wizards who sold their souls to gain control of the weather. But I could make an exception for this Latin beauty. She's fluent in three languages. English, Spanish, and hot lady. With her olive skin and gorgeous brunette hair, she should be interviewing state dignitaries instead of predicting hail. But either way, it would take a tornado to keep me from watching another Jackie Guerrido video.The weather has never been better than it is in a Jackie Guerrido video. The gorgeous Latina has the magical ability to predict the weather. The people of new york use the witch's ability to protect themselves and their property. They give her apples in return for protection from storms. Which is why the city's nickname is the big apple. All because of this sexy weather changer.

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