It's a battle of the bean poles! In news that only shallow people in Hollywood care about, LeAnn Rimes is fighting back via Twitter against comments made about her by unlikeable TV Host Giuliana Rancic. Rancic and her husband Bill are opening up a new Italian restaurant in Chicago, which I'm sure will be chronicled on their God-awful reality show on the E Channel "Giuliana & Bill". Wow, how do they come up with such creative names for these shows?? She stated in an interview that the #1 celebrity she'd want to have at the restaurant is LeAnn Rimes so she could feed her because she's gotten way to skinny. Of course, as she was saying these comments about Rimes, her size Negative 2 blouse completely slid off because actual shoulders are required to hold up a top. The #2 celebrity she wants to have is Rachel Zoe & # 3 is Laura Flynn Boyle. Hold on a second, I see a pattern here. They just wanna have skinny chicks over so they don't have to give away that much free pasta & breadsticks. I'm onto you Rancic's!!