Sisters Spark Insane Fight At IHOP In Memphis

Two Tennessee sisters have landed behind bars after inciting an all-out brawl at an IHOP restaurant in Memphis. Video of the outrageous incident shows sisters Janika Nellums and Sharika Strickland trashing the casual dining restaurant as the battle unfolds.

Nellums, who works at the restaurant, had been bullied relentlessly by other employees while management simply stood by, her mother told WREG. She and Strickland decided to take matters into their own hands by attacking the alleged bullies.

In this clip, Nellums can be seen beating an unidentified employee on the ground as Strickland fights with a different employee in another room. When Nellums goes to help her sister, a woman assumed to be the manager attempts to break up the fight.

As Nellums and Strickland are ushered to the exit, one of the employees suddenly grabs a chair and hurls it at them, reigniting the fight. Strickland grabs a knife and tries to charge the woman as the manager desperately tries to separate them. The fight continues for several minutes as other people intervene – including a person holding a crying baby.

When police eventually arrived, Nellums and Strickland were arrested and charged with assault and vandalism. The pair is accused of causing upwards of $1,000 worth of damage to the premises. Nellums was taken first to a nearby hospital for treatment before the pair was hauled off to jail.