Should This Old Man Win Lawsuit After Police Dog Bit Him During His Arrest?

Bad dog! A Wisconsin man is suing a sheriff’s deputy after he unleashed his police dog on him during an arrest – allegedly for no reason. Dashcam video shows the controversial canine helping take down the man before chomping on his head as officers cuffed him.

The incident took place back in 2015, when Klyde J. Gebelein was pulled over by Marathon County Sheriff’s Deputy Troy Deiler. The deputy insisted on performing a vehicle inspection since Gebelein was pulling a trailer carrying a large excavator but Gebelein refused, insisting that he was not driving a commercial motor vehicle.

After a brief standoff, a stubborn Gebelein hops into his truck and drives away. The video cuts to what appears to be a low-speed chase that was joined by several other officers. Eventually, Gebelein pulls the truck over, exits the vehicle and begins walking toward the officers.

That’s when Deiler takes the leash off his K-9 partner, Leo, and orders him to help take Gebelein down. Leo can be seen biting at the suspect’s thigh as officers wrestle him to the ground, and even though Gebelein had already surrendered, the dog begins ripping at his head. Deiler had to pry Leo away.

Gebelein was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries before behind hauled off to jail; he was released on a $500 cash bond that was later refunded. Now, saddled with medical expenses, business loss, and permanent scarring to his head, Gebelein is asking the court to determine the amount of damage he should be awarded.