How Smart Shoppers Profited $1,100 By Manipulating Walmart’s Self-Checkout

For some people, shopping at Walmart is a last resort after all the desirable grocery stores have already closed for the day. For others, it’s an opportunity to enter the store nearly broke and walk out over $1,000 richer.

Police in Winter Haven, Florida, are on the lookout for a group of men who accidentally stumbled upon a get-rich-quick scheme at their local Walmart when they realized that a self-checkout machine was spitting out $20 bills when it should be dispensing fivers.

Surveillance footage shows a bald man with a tattoo on his right shoulder making the fortuitous discovery. He then returns with several family members, who proceed to take turns buying single items and paying in such a way that they should receive $5 in change but instead get $20 back.

The family exploits their newfound goldmine for over 20 minutes, throughout which time none of the store employees seem to suspect any fishy activity. Only after the store conducted an audit did they realize that someone had mistakenly placed $20 bills in the slot where $5 bills should go, a mistake that cost Walmart $1,100.